We are available to service the areas of South Riverside County and North
San Diego County.
Prices starting at:

Trim:  $70
Full Shoes:  $180
Half shoes: $120
Pads and packing: Start at $40 (please ask for pricing)
Therapeutic shoes: Price varies (please ask)
Larsen Horseshoeing
L a r s e n   H o r s e s h o e i n g
Larsen Horseshoeing * 49775 Ottowa Ct. * Aguanga, CA 92536 * 951-733-9700
When we first met Lorne in
Sept. of ‘02, we had two,
much loved, senior horses.
Lorne cared for our old guys
the same way he would for a
million dollar race horse.  He’
s reliable, honest, and most
importantly, he cares about
what he’s doing. In 2004,
shortly after purchasing one
of our horses, we started
noticing some intermittent
lameness and scheduled an
appointment with a local
specialist. The evaluation
took the better part of a day.
Lorne, on his own volition,
was there with us for the
entire process, working with
the vet and us to determine
how his skills would provide
the best outcome for our
horse.  We have no doubt
that Lorne’s ongoing care is
a huge part of why we’re now
able to enjoy riding our
horse. We are blessed to
have Lorne as our farrier and
our friend.

Jeff and Renee Frappier
Wildomar, CA