I attended Texas shoeing school in Kaufman, Texas taught by John Burgin. I then
apprenticed with a very demanding farrier who was also a well-known reining
trainer and competitor in Murietta, CA. I did this full-time for over three years and
part time for another four years. During that time, which was over 20 years ago,
now, I started my own farrier business.

My family and I moved to Aguanga in
2008 and I have enjoyed growing my
business up here in the beautiful
mountains ever since.

We look forward to meeting you and
your horses and developing a long-
lasting alliance of quality and integrity.

Happy Trails,
About Us
L a r s e n   H o r s e s h o e i n g
Larsen Horseshoeing * 49775 Ottowa Ct. * Aguanga, CA 92536 * 951-733-9700
Two years ago we found
Lorne and immediately
recognized his
professionalism and
reliability. We were impressed
by his gentile, confident
manner which put us and our
horses at ease.  His innate
skills include an encyclopedic
knowledge of the anatomy
and physiology of the horse,
as well as an instinctive ability
to visualize and treat the
hidden structural damage that
had caused  our mare with
Ringbone and Navicular
disease her lameness.
Thanks to Lorne, she is once
again sound. Lorne has also
managed to return our  
gelding to a point where he is
comfortably barefoot. Our
horses seem to actually enjoy
his company.  Thanks to
Lorne we are able once again
to enjoy trail rides together.

--Celeste Winter and Henry